Why wood floor look?

How does it compare to real wood?

We understand nothing compare to the warm feel of real wood, however there are limitations to real wood. A real wood floor is one hot water heater flooding away from being destroyed. Concrete does not buckle, rot, splinter, or stain in the way that real wood does.

How durable are wood-like floors?

Wood-like floors are still considered stained concrete and can provide years of enjoyment conditional on basic care. For residential use, we advise the use of felt cushions under furniture to limit scuffs. Typically in 5-10 years, a re-seal may be needed. If you need a more durable floor, you may consider polished concrete.

When should I schedule wood-like concrete floors?

Wood-like floors are cut into the concrete, if you are considering doing an entire home it is best done on open slabs before any framing is done. The decorative staining is best done on new construction while the studs are still visible. We recommend a final seal coat on new construction floors at the very end of construction. On remodels or existing concrete, we prefer you to call and describe your situation.


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