Why polished concrete?

How is concrete polished?

First, the concrete surface is ground down with a series of increasingly fine grit diamond abrasives to remove imperfections and create a smooth surface. During the process a chemical densifier is applied to the surface to harden the concrete and make it more resistant to staining. After the densifier has been applied, the concrete is polished with a series of increasingly fine grit polishing pads to achieve the desired level of shine. Finally, a protectant guard may be applied to protect the polished surface and enhance its appearance.

Is polished concrete a good choice for warehouses?

Yes. Polished concrete increases safety by providing 30% more light from reflections. Polished concrete also reduces the wear of forklift tires and marking from other machinery. Polished concrete is known for having a high slip coefficient so slips and falls are more easily avoided compared to coatings. Warehouses benefit the most due to lower production cost per foot in large areas.

How do I clean my polished concrete floor?

The key to a lasting floor is to keep it free of dust, dirt, and grime. We recommend using a damp microfiber cloth with water or mild cleaner such as simple green or ameripolish rejuvinating floor cleaner. We advise against the use of waxes, pine sol, linolium flooring cleaners, bleach, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals.

Does polished concrete require waxing?

No it does not. Polished concrete gets it's shine from mechanical honing, not cheap seals or waxes. Wax is considered a contaminant to polished concrete, as it leaves an undesirable film.

Is polished concrete durable?

Yes. Polished concrete does not have any sealers, waxes, or coatings to chip, flake, peel, or scratch. This is the primary appeal of polished concrete.

Can old concrete be polished?

Concrete of any age is eligible to be polished depending on the structual integrity of the slab. Depending on use, slabs can retain evidence of prior floors such as ghosted tile lines or stains.


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